How to Recover Data after Deleting Partitions?

Have you lost your important data after getting delete hard drive partitions and looking for a solution to perform data recovery from hard drive partition? The major reason due to which hard drive partition get deleted are because of accidental deletion, virus infection, re-sizing partitions, accidental formatting, re-partitioning the hard disk drive, re-formatting partitions, etc. Due to deletion of hard drive partition, user loses files and folders stored on that particular partition. However, it is possible to perform data recovery after deleting partition and for this purpose you must employ a best data recovery tool. Data Recovery After is the best software which is designed with advanced technology to recover data after deleting partition.

Hard drive partitions are logical names for divided hard disk space for containing different type of data according to user’s choice. Generally, computer users attempt to delete or format hard disk partitions unintentionally due to several reasons like insufficient space, corruption, etc. It is also very common to perform deletion of partitions during OS installation. When you attempt to install an operating system, at start it shows you option to format existing partitions. Some user format these partitions accidently. Error in Re-partitioning of existing partitions while creating new partitions during OS installation also leads to deletion of hard drive partitions. The process of data recovery after deleting partition can be easily with the help of Data Recovery After software. It enables users to perform restore data from formatted WD hard disk along with all other popular brands of hard drive such as Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Lenovo etc.

Sometimes, user needs to resize the hard drive partitions according to requirement. Hard drive partitions can shrink, extend and merge with the help of Window disk manager tool or with third party utility. Any interruption or error during resizing or merging the partitions may leads to deletion of partitions. Virus infection is also very common scenario, which leads to corrupt or delete hard drive partitions. Virus program can makes undesired changes on file system structure, which result in damaging some important system files. In addition, it corrupts the boot sector on hard drive. Boot sector contains the code, which loads the operating system, when we turn on the computer. After boot sector corruption, it becomes necessary to format or delete the hard drive partition, in which you have installed existing OS. However, in any type of data loss disaster, Data Recovery After tool helps in performing data recovery after deleting partition effectively without any data loss. Apart from deleted partition data recovery, you can even recover files from formatted memory card, USB drives, flash drives, memory sticks, FireWire devices, iPod and from other storage devices.

Data Recovery After software is ultimate utility for data recovery after deleting partition. Along with recovering data after deleting partition, it can even recover data from formatted partitions and allow you to perform crashed hard disk recovery after virus infection, Window registry corruption etc. In addition to deleted partition data recovery, you can easily rescue data from emptied trash on Mac using this ultimate tool. If you want to get more information about how to recover data from Trash then, visit the following link - This tool has simple and user friendly interface that efficiently helps you to retrieve data from deleted partition.

Steps to perform data recovery after deleting partition

1: On the main screen of deleted partition data recovery tool click on "Recover Drives" option and then select "Partition Recovery" to restore data from deleted partition.

Data Recovery after Deleting Partition - Select Recover Drives option

Fig 1: Main Screen

2: From second screen select "Partition Recovery" option, and then select the hard drive from which you need to recover deleted partition. Then, software will display all drives, to recover data after deleting partition, select the restored partition and proceed.

Data Recovery after Deleting Partition - Select Partition

Fig 2: Select Partition

3: After complete scanning process, recovered files will be displayed. You can view the recovered data by clicking on "Preview" option.

Data Recovery after Deleting Partition - File Preview Window

Fig 3: File Preview Window

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

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