Data Recovery After

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Data Recovery After

Software to Recover Files from Formatted WD Hard Drive

Do you think your files kept in Western Digital hard drive are safe?? If yes, how long?? Until some blunder does not happen. In the field of digital information, surprises are quite common. Always they will disturb you in the form data loss. One prominent reason for losing WD hard drive files is formatting. It makes your entire HDD data invisible. Finally you will get struck with losing vital files stored in the WD hard disk drive. One happiest thing about digital files of WD hard drive is, even after complete drive format, it will let you to get back your lost files. Formatting just reset the file index table, but the stored files stay unharmed at file system. Before overwriting the hard drive with new data, you can restore your files from WD hard drive using file retrieval after format software.

Universal compatibility, file accessing speed and wide variety of hard drive models force users to addict for WD hard drives. Does not matter which brand of hard drive you are using and how efficient the file system it is using, at some worst moment Western Digital HDD or its partition having important files will say that I am empty. If you have backup of lost files, problem can be resolved instantly by restoring lost data, else you need to think of how to get back lost data. One perfect solution for retrieving your lost files from formatted WD hard drive is using data recovery after utility. Performing a deep hard drive scan, it pulls out raw files from the hard drive sectors. With this application, you can even retrieve media files after low level format of your WD hard disk drive.

Have a look at the possible reasons or scenarios which force to format WD hard drive and finally make you to lose essential files.

  • Accidental formatting of Western Digital hard drive partitions
  • WD hard drive file system corruption due to malware action
  • Hard drive failure due to logical conflicts
  • Western Digital hard drive becomes inaccessible due to power surge

Never mind how you have formatted the Western Digital hard drive and what are factors behind HDD formatting, stay with data recovery after software. It will offer you the best file recovery solution. As long as you have this application, it will take off your worries like how to restore lost data after formatting memory card, WD hard drive, USB drive, etc. Simple user interface and powerful recovery algorithms of this software give you the pleasure of formatted hard drive data recovery. You can have a hassle free recovery experience with data recovery after tool. Since it is a multi-use recovery tool, you can also employ it to retrieve lost pictures from corrupt USB flash drive, memory card and hard drives. Get the demo version of the software and evaluate it to know more about the functionality of the tool.

Simple steps to recover files from formatted WD hard drive:

1: Plug-in the formatted Western Digital hard drive to the computer and launch the installed demo version of data recovery after tool. Welcome window will appear as shown in Figure A. choose "Recover Partitions/Drives" from main menu and later select "Formatted/Reformatted Recovery".

Recover Files from Formatted WD Hard Drive - Welcome Window

Figure A: Welcome Window

2: Software lets you specify the hard drive for recovering files. Here select your formatted WD hard drive or its partition and click on "Next" button.

Recover Files from Formatted WD Hard Drive - Select WD Hard Drive

Figure B: Select WD Hard Drive

3: Within a short span of time, it scans the entire hard drive and gives you the list of recovered files as shown in Figure 3.

Recover Files from Formatted WD Hard Drive - Recovered Files

Figure C: Recovered Files

4: Evaluate the obtained results using Preview option of the software. If you feel that the application can fulfill your recovery requirements, buy the full version to save recovered files.